Thursday, 26 March 2009

A trickle

Had a good thrash around today, but with mixed results.

Gypsy Lane, Broom GP:
18+ Sand Martins

Brogborough Lake:
10 Goldeneye still

Octagon Farm pools:
1 Water Pipit - a/the pink one
1 Snipe

Willington GP:
1 White Wagtail (finally found one, with only three Pied Wags)
256 Barnacle Geese
1 Green Sandpiper

Roxton Lake:
25 Barnacle Geese
2 Oycs

Did several other sites, but the above is the pick of the bunch. Got soaked at Roxton, so headed home to sit it out.

later on in the day, after a heavy rain shower:
Gypsy Lane East Pits, Broom, late pm:
A brown Merlin
c.20 Meadow Pipits (most the grey jobbies you get at this time of year)
c.20 Pied Wags
2 Green Sands
2 Sand Martins

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