Monday, 27 August 2012


This is a panoramic view from The Pinnacle, Sandy (you should be able to scroll around it usung your mouse).  It is a great vismig spot, virtually unknown about until I started putting in some time up here in autumn 2007.

This morning it produced two Tree Pipits together about twenty minutes after sunrise - my first of the year in Beds.  I don't usually do any vismig sessions until well in to September but I am now wondering whether I should do a few more in August, just to catch the Tree Pipit and Yellow Wag movements?  Maybe I will.

Here's a recording of the Tripits from my Remembird:

Tree Pipits on The Pinnacle by Steve Blain

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Birding iphone apps

Here are my five 'must have' birding apps for the iphone.  These aren't id guides or the like, these are for increased birding productivity - how to make the technology in the iphone work for you.

FiRE 2
A fantastic sound recording app.  Has the ability to add gain to your recordings, and also upload them straight to Soundcloud.  Has been very useful to record Sibe Chiff calls while out birding and I'm hoping to use it during this coming vismig season too.

A really simple counter app.  One click adds one to the counter, its as simple as that.  It's much quicker than a traditional metal clicker and great for counting roosting gulls!

Just a bit better than the standard camera app.  The biggest benefit of this one is that you can set a separate exposure area to the focus point.

Outside Maps
The official OS app where you can download the very useful 1:50,000 scale maps.  These give you all the footpaths and tracks you need when out birding.

This is simply an app to help you store downloaded files on your iphone.  I find this most useful when I want to find a song or call from the excellent website.

Are there any I've missed?  Please leave a comment if you have found an iphone app that might be of use while our birding.

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