Saturday, 18 June 2016

Kowa Power!

Bullfinch, MVCP, 20th Feb 2016
Bullfinch, MVCP, taken with a Panasonic GX7, 20mm f1.7 lens, Kowa 883 scope, 25-60x eyepiece and the new 1.6 extender
I've written a review of the Kowa 1.6 extender which fits on to their top-of-the-range scopes.  I purchased a Kowa 883 'scope last year and have been very pleased with it ever since.  The sharpness and lack of obvious chromatic aberrations makes for an incredible image.

The extra boost from their new 1.6 extender increases their 25-60x zoom to a 40-96x zoom - impressive.  Impressive still is the fact you can stack them together.  Adding two extenders then makes your 25-60x eyepiece in to a 64-153.6x eyepiece - absolutely monster!  No other birding 'scope can come close to matching those stats - and the image is still fantastic.  Much duller, yes, but still extremely sharp and CA isn't really an issue either.

I have been doing some digiscoping using the extender and I am very impressed with it.  I have an album on Flickr which I will update with new images when I take them  The album can be found HERE

If you want to read my full article on the Kowa 1.6 extender then please check this link out too:
Read my review here

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