Sunday, 24 February 2013


A selection of recent Redpoll shots from The Lodge.  Quite a mixture!  How many are Mealies?

Monday, 4 February 2013

BirdTrack app

Finally some great news for UK birders with Iphones - there is now a BirdTrack app!

It was released on itunes on Saturday 2nd Feb and finally catches up with everyone with an Android phone who had the app months ago.

So far it looks really easy and quick to add sightings from the field.  I took it for a test-drive round Broom yesterday and adding casual records was a doddle.  I've still got to give the species list function a run through, but that might be more attractive to use if it's as quick as entering casual records.

There are also two extra functions on the app - 'Local Species' and 'Local Hotspots'.  'Local Species' lists sightings that anyone has entered in to BirdTrack and you can their location on a Google map.  Local Hotspots does a similar thing but lists sightings by location first.  These might be the least used function of the app for me, but I guess others will find them interesting and useful.

The app can be found on the Apple store or on Google Play for Android users.

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