Friday, 23 March 2012

Black Reds

Black Redstarts at The Lodge

Black Redstarts at The Lodge

Black Redstarts are one of my favourite birds, and these two turned up today just outside my office window at The Lodge.  I think they are probably a female and immature male.

Monday, 19 March 2012

bogged down

So, why the long pause between posts?  I’ve been to the Philippines, which was fun but hard birding, and mostly bogged down with sorting out 2011 records for Bedfordshire currently.  I’ve also been trying to finish off a conversation piece on ‘hooded’ Yellow-legged Gulls, and I might write more on eastern chiffchaffs after seeing another interesting bird at Marston Sewage Works last weekend.

I’ve also been embroiled in three new blogs; A Beds self-found year-list competition, a patch year-list competition “the weakest list”, and a moth year-list competition “i-moff” – take a look.

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