Sunday, 29 March 2009

Rafts of laughter

Wine and beer curtailed my anticipated early morning stomp around Pegsdon Hills. I eventually got to the bottom of the hill at around 09:30…no, make that 10:30 as I almost forgot the clocks went forward an hour!

Apart from a trickle, no, make that a dribble, of Meadow Pipits over north, very few birds were moving. One or two Siskins were passing south and there was plenty of Buzzard activity - up to ten in a quick scan. A single, then a group of three Red Kites were also gliding around the slopes. The only other bird of note was a female Wheatear in the arable plot - one of the two that have been there for the last few days. Where are the Rouzels?

The afternoon was spent at Broom getting the tern raft spick and span ready for their arrival next week. A lot of fun was had with Mark, Ed, and Matt, and by the end of the afternoon we had a re-born tern raft floating in the middle of the lake. Let's just hope it doesn't get taken over by those pirate gulls and they leave the terns in peace this year.

By early evening, Mr Hackett had turned up for a cup of tea, fresh from Stockport. The Bramblings and Goldfinches in my garden gave him a warm welcome. A Swallow also glided overhead, only my third this year. The day ended with a Sunday evening curry at the local Indian!

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