Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Stuff around the house day

Today was a do stuff around the house day. Unintentionally of course, but as I was late getting up and the weather wasn't terribly nice, I decided to stay at home. Well, for the most part anyway.

My temperamental lawnmower was only occasionally playing up today, meaning I could get to work on most of the lawn. Only a small corner was left to do by mid afternoon. As soon as I came in doors, finches descended on my feeders. I still have over twenty Goldfinches at the niger, and at least ten Bramblings today. Chaffinches have dropped right off, to just a handful, and Greenfinches have done the same.

My claustrophobia had reached its peak by about 4pm, so I headed up to Pegsdon for a brisk walk round the hill. I was keen to see Paul's Wheatears, on the arable experiment. I found one of the two hunkered down to keep out of the wind. There were more Meadow Pipits than I'd seen for a while up there, with perhaps 70 dotted around the site. Up to five Buzzards enjoyed the windy conditions around Deacon Hill, and two Grey Partridges scolded me as I walked past.
A nice walk to blow away the cobwebs of being in doors for most of the day.

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