Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dartford dip and a monster falcon

A view over the paddocks at Blows Downs

After dipping the Dartford this morning I had a look around the southern badlands. Most surprising bird of all was a striking, and very large, pale falcon over the south end of Dunstable. It was possibly a Gyr x Saker Hybrid (too pale for a Saker, and too creamy for a Gyr). It was certainly a monster bird, and presumably the same as reported by Tony Donnely as a Gyr on Blows Downs last week?

presumably a first year male Blackbird at Blows

Also several Ravens and plenty of Red Kites around the downs. It was great to sit in the car park at Bison Hill and have Raven, Red Kite and Buzzard all float past at eye level.

Buzzard over Dunstable, taken with my DSLR

Not a lot else to report from yesterday - 740 LBB Gulls at Stewartby mid-afternoon was a good count.

Later in the evening, the Beds contingent (Andy Grimsey and I), even with the help of the Bucks recorder, got a right good pasting in the Absurd Bird Quiz run by Si and Rob in MK. That lot from Tring won, again!

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