Monday, 16 March 2009

A quiet Monday

Had a quick look at Gypsy Lane West pits before work, but very quiet. Lunchtime was spent on the Pinnacle with Darren. A few Buzzards floating around, and a couple of Kestrels drifting around rather high. A Sparrowhawk high over Sandy was the first here for a while.

Back at the Lodge the Siskins are still visiting my office feeders, and I heard a single Redpoll fly over early afternoon. A lovely day, but one I'd rather not be stuck in the office on.

After work, did the Stewartby gull roost. Excellent conditions but the roost was small. Keith "Med Gull" Owen found a nice adult with a smidge of white on the forehead, and there were perhaps four Yellow-legs amongst the migrating Lesser Black-backs. No white-winged wonders.

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