Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Talking of Redwing...

I had a week away in the wilds of Scotland back in July. As it was a holiday with some mates, no hard birding was on the cards - this was a relaxing week away.
Of course, the birds didn't see it that way, and even without trying I found Redwings breeding in the garden! Reading the latest Rare Breeding Birds Panel report (for 2005) they are staggeringly rare birds - just one pair were confirmed breeding in 2005 - which makes the pair I found fairly significant.
I watched them bouncing around the lawn all week. They were picking up small worms to feed their young, which was actually in a leylandi right next to the window of our room. They were also incredibly aggressive towards anyone walking through the garden - they dive-bombed anyone who got too close to the nest, which was also right next to the gate!
The best bit was on the last day of our stay, when on a fairly wet afternoon, I saw a dark, streaky, stubby-tailed juvenile Redwing sitting on the veranda! It was too quick for the camera mind you, but it put a large smile on my face.

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