Wednesday, 11 November 2009


This is FAY, a Cormorant from a brood of four ringed in Forvie, North-east Scotland. I found it on St Mary's, Isles of Scilly on 31st October 2007. It's still the most southerly recovery from all the Cormorants ringed on the east coast of Scotland to date.

Coincidentally, I also found another colour-ringed Cormorant from the same area at the weekend. This one was on Brogborough lake in Beds. It was originally ringed in Inverbervie on 25th July earlier this year.

Reporting colour-ringed birds can be very rewarding....if the ringers involved can be bothered to write back! Which isn't always the case, unfortunately.

(edited to keep Errol happy!)


  1. should read ... "which isn't ALWAYS the case". Please?

  2. Point taken! Should I, when I get my ringing license (I'm waiting for the postman for my 'c' permit) and colour ring birds, I will endevour to write (by hand!) to anyone who recovers one.
    Hope you're well from a fellow crackpot ...!


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