Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Tripiting over the Pinnacle

Following Mark Telfers Totternhoe dawn raid yesterday, and my own advice
to get up a hill, I found myself at the Pinnacle at 06:30 this morning.
For the first 15 mins, while I was getting slightly damp and
progressively colder, I didn't see a single bird and was wondering why
I'd bothered. Then I heard a buzzy "zeeep!" as my first Tree Pipit went
over. It was worth getting up early after all. About ten minutes later
and I picked up another Tree Pipit flying over, but this one veered off
a little and joined three more! Five Tree Pipits in just over ten
minutes - wow! Unfortunately that was my lot and the rest of the hour
was pretty quiet, but I was well chuffed with that little haul.

Tree Pipit - 5 >S
Pied Wag - 3 >S
Yellow Wag 1 >S

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