Friday, 28 August 2009

Hooray for Autumn!

Right, time to up the ante on my blogging for the autumn.

Spring sort of faded away in to summer with not much to show for most of my efforts. Summer has been very quiet with Broom being a disaster with breeding birds on the site crashing and disappearing quicker than Aussie batsmen in the Ashes. Needless to say I couldn't want for Autumn to start!

A couple of recent visits to Pegsdon Hills have been very productive - a couple of gaudy adult male Redstarts flitting around the bushes always brings a smile to my face. Also had four passage Tree Pipits flying over, which is good for Beds as that species has all but gone now in the county. Lastly a sprinkling of Spotty Flies on the hills is a sure sign things are moving in earnest. Unfortunately I managed to miss the Pied Fly that was with them the other day though. Hopefully there'll be another one of those soon.

My first vismig trip of the season was a roaring success (see my post below) with FIVE passage Tree Pips over the Pinnacle. I get the feeling there are lots of them around at the moment, and a quick look at the Falsterbo website confirms this with over 33,000 through there so far this month! The next morning however was deathly quiet with barely a bird moving. Perhaps I'll leave it a little longer before I start doing regular pre-work sessions up there.

Wonder what the long weekend will bring us...

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