Thursday, 30 April 2009

Willing (ton) Blackcap

I got so bored at Broom this morning I was in work an hour and a half early. It didn't get much better at lunchtime when I popped back. Well, I say that, but I did have a Marsh Harrier fly over my car just as I pulled in to the pits. Also my first Hornet of the year buzzed out of a tree stump.
After work I had a quick look at Home Wood. None of the hoped for Garden Warblers there, so I went to the cycle track at Willington GP.
A male Blackcap (above) was showing well at the start of the track, and the Nightingale was singing vigorously at the far end. A female type Red-crested Pochard was on the settling lagoon, but it had a red/orange edge to its bill - immature drake?

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