Monday, 4 August 2008

Ringed BHG

White colour-ringed Black-headed Gull at Broom GP, 4th August. It's always interesting to find out where colour-ringed birds have come from. After the sucess of my green ringed Yellow-legged Gull, I've been looking for others. Unfortunately this is the first one since then I've been able to read!

Anyway, I think this is from the Cotswold Water Park scheme in Gloucestershire. I've sent the man an email so will find out soon enough...
And the man replied...
"Yes this is one of ours. From the ring number I could tell it was 3 years old and I was hoping to be able to give you a long sighting history, but interestingly this is the first time it has been seen since it was ringed as a nestling. Some of our birds return to breed and get resighted back at the Water Park, I suspect this one has moved elswhere perhaps to one of the colonies in the Thames valley.
EN54591 N 1 12/06/05
Cerney Wick, Gloucestershire
2C91 S 6 Sighted 04/08/08 Broom GP,
Bedfordshire (119 km, ENE, 3 yrs 53days)"

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