Thursday, 21 August 2008

Magic Tree Frogs

Tree Frog, Blackwoods Camp, Goa, December 2007.

When we stayed at Blackwoods, there were lots of these wonderful frogs in our 'bathroom'. It wasn't so much a bathroom, more an open topped toilet/shower!

Anyway, very often you'd open the loo lid and get surprised by one of these things leaping out at you. Most of the time they'd hop out of the toilet, but sometimes, especially when you flush, they fall back in, doomed for the cesspit!

Well, that's what you would think happened, right? Wrong! As if by magic, the next time you'd go to the loo, they'd be back in exactly the same place. How they get back so quickly is a mystery, as that loo has a ferocious suck on it...

Oh and don't worry, this one wasn't photographed IN the loo, it was on the wall just beside it.

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