Tuesday, 21 August 2007

A black (tern) day

A pretty damp and miserable day today. Unfortuantely I was beaten to finding a juvenile Black Tern on my local patch at Broom GP (see pic below) so I went over to the brick pits near Stewartby to see what I could find.

Juv Black and juv Common Terns at Broom

A quick stop at Coronation ClP produced two adult Little Egrets amongst the gulls. Highlights in the gulls were two Great Black-backs and an adult Yellow-leg. Naff-all else. I then did the Stewartby Lake roost. As I scanned through the building gulls a moulting adult Black Tern flew through my field of view - nice! Before the gloom really set in I had a look at the nearby brick chimneys and found an adult Peregrine sat roosting in the lea of the wind. The gulls were quite uninspiring with plenty of Yellow-legs and Herrings building up now. The pick of the rest were three Common Gulls. Not quite the Sabs Gull or Skua I was hoping for! There's always tomorrow...

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