Monday, 16 April 2012

The sound of spring

Nightingale at Paxton Pits

Paul H and I popped up to Paxton Pits this evening to see the Nightingales.  Only a handful of birds are in already but one of them performed admirably for us.  Wonderful birds.  If you want to see and hear Nightingales then Paxton Pits is most definitely the place to go.

(Blimey - it's amazing what else you find out when Googling 'Nightingale' - my post isn't about "a care home for older Jewish people", nor a "goth rock, now progressive/AOR metal/rock band from Örebro in Sweden", or a gay nightclub, or even somewhere to go and get "classically stylish clothes for mature women in sizes 10-34 including wide fitting shoes" but feel free to follow the links in case you've arrived here accidentally)


  1. Those links were very useful Steve, thanks. Oh, nice shot of the bird by the way ^_*)

  2. Thanks, chaps. And glad someone appreciated all the additional links supplied ;o)


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