Monday, 16 May 2011

A dead ringer

Not actually dead, but a close call for a drake Ring-necked Duck. This bird is a hybrid Ring-necked Duck x Tufted Duck, Dunstable Sewage Works, 15th May 2011.

On first glance it shows the sweeping grey flanks, white edged base and ring to the bill, and the high crown of a Ring-necked, but look a bit closer and thing don't start to add up
  • The 'high crown' becomes a bit of a tuft
  • the sweeping grey flanks aren't sweeping enough, and don't end with a clear white stripe towards its chest
  • The bill pattern isn't strong enough, with a very weak sub-terminal band and white basal surround
  • A green sheen to the head

There are some good comparison photos on Flickr here, on RadioactiveRobins here, on Dave Browns blog here, and on the Birdwatch Irelands website here.

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