Saturday, 14 August 2010

Is it cold enough?

A very interesting bird. Unfortunately I didn't get much more on it than you can see in these images. There are probably more questions to be asked than answered with this bird, but if I see it again I'll be staying with it until it raises its wings and shows me its tail! Possible 2cy Baltic Gull, Broom GP, Beds, 11th August 2010.

Addition 16th Aug -
What age are those primaries? A few months old, a few days old, or a year old? The apparent hole in the wing when its preening in the video is worrying. Does it really lack those inner primaries? What does that mean? Well, it could mean those primaries are well preserved juvenile feathers = possibly an extreme intermedius or fuscus hybrid? If the primaries are actually new feathers, then its getting better for fuscus, buy why the hole? I wish I had taken more notice of it now...

Many thanks to Richard Millington and Peter Adriaens for their helpful advice and instruction about this bird.

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