Monday, 17 May 2010


After finding a Temminck's Stint in Quest pit on Saturday, I go and find these two monsters in there tonight! They showed really well for an appreciative audience all evening, and the Temminck's was also still there too. They even did some bugling for us as well. Nice. Common Crane, 17th May 2010.

Interestingly, the female has what looks like a blue ring on its left leg...


  1. Bloody hell!! Nice finds Steve. I've been seeing some excellent birds at REGUA this month. Black-banded Owl is pretty easy at the moment and Long-tailed Potoos seem to be fairly easy as well.

  2. Thanks, Lee. Gripped by some of your REGUA stuff (as always). Hopefully I'll have some monster Grizzly and Black Bear photos to show you in a few weeks...

  3. Looking forward to seeing your shots. Rachel and I went out to Vancouver Island in 2005 and had Black Bear, Orca and several Grizzly Bears, one of which swam within 5 feet of our tiny boat! Make sure you see Varied Thrush - they are bird porn incarnate!


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