Saturday, 26 September 2009

Gettin' high on petrel fumes!

I know its a bit small in frame, but they have a delightful jizz about them. Almost Black Tern-like.

Only the twelth record this century for the county, the last one was on Brogborough lake on 29th October 1989. Others were in 1988, '83 (2), '78, '70, and five (!) in 1952. You could say it's been quite a blocker for the new gen of Beds birders.

My shot are poor when you compare then to those of MST's boat shots - check them out here.

Well done to Pete Smith for this magnificent find - it was well worth the 50 year wait, eh, Pete!


  1. Didn't get to see it myself - visitors! But well done to all - finders, twitchers, photographers, email-groupers, bloggers.

    Just one nitpick (GOM comment) - surely it is the ONLY record this century - the eleven you mentioned being in the 20th century! Even more reason to celebrate - it's a first!

    Best wishes,

    Pete cook

  2. Hi Steve,
    Leach's Petrels are also rare in Cork (even the coastal bits!), so a December influx 4 years ago was much appreciated by many who, like me, had not seen the species in the county. I even found one almost in Cork city itself, and, interestingly, like the bird in your video, that was being chased by gulls also.


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